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Freedom Comes As We Let Go Of Having To Tell Our Story

They – who ever they are – say that everyone has a story. And I feel sure that everyone does have a story. But my question is this “Is our story telling healing or is it keeping us stuck in the past?” I do know and I accept that telling our story can be very healing. However, how many times do we have to regurgitate the same story, even if the content is different, before it becomes a hindrance? Does repeating our story discharge the emotions or does it keep them alive and charged, leaving us and others feeling exhausted each time. When is enough, enough?

My vast life experience playing the role of a ‘victim’ as well as my experience working as a therapist tells me that Freedom arrives when we are well and truly ready to let go of our history. As we let go of having to tell our story we find the freedom we were looking for in repeating our story.

Today, it is an effort for me to ‘go back there’. My story remains history unless there is a good or Godly reason to remember or to share something important. Sometimes, I might refer to pertinent snippets of my past in a highly positive way in order to acknowledge my understanding of others and to show them how I over-came some common issue.

How powerful it feels now when someone asks me what’s your story? And I can say and mean I don’t have a story. When I heard my self speak these powerful words I knew I had brought an end to an old life of drama and fear and I allowed a new life of love, romance and comedy to begin to flow.

As time goes on I become even more convinced that my role as a human being is to see myself, others and our world as God sees. And as we know God sees only the perfection in everything. God only sees us as the perfect image of one self; one self-love that embraces all things. My willingness to see myself and others as God was and is the key to all healing. As I am healed of my insane thinking others around me are also healed.

The therapist, I am needs only to continue to cleanse my own mind so that I can see clearly through the eyes of God. Each day I call upon the Higher Consciousness of God’s Love to wipe clean my tarnished slate to ensure that every new day begins without history. Unlike religion the presence of God or the power of Self-Awareness doesn’t belong in the past; ‘It’ can only be found in the here and now, in the present moment. The answers really are found in our awareness.

This means that as I remain intensely present, I am constantly re-minded of who I really am. Now, as I enter into all relationships through the one mind of God, I instantly see who others really are which has nothing to do with their story or their history. This is the miracle healing or faith healing which is well and truly alive and present in everyone.

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